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KLS and Wichita Bar Association Partner on Driver's License Clinic in Sedgwick County December 1

Friday, November 05, 2021

  • Marilyn Harp
  • Kansas Legal Services

Kansas Legal Services and the Wichita Bar Association are hosting a community wide effort to help Wichitans plan a path toward reinstatement of their driving privileges.

We currently have 250 people seeking help in understanding the path forward for their individual situation.

TRAINING - Nov 11, 2 - 4 - 2 hours of CLE available FOR FREE -

Robert Moody and Bach Hang will train on the substantive law in this area both in a lecture format and in a hands on application with participants looking at actual driver's license records.  Options for resolving City of Wichita tickets through reduced fees, community service, etc, will be explained.  Christy Campbell promises adult beverages will be available.  2 hours of CLE available

Sign up on the Wichita Bar Association website at:        

You do not need to be a WBA member or pay anything for this training. 

EVENT - December 1   8:30 - 3:30 - come for at least one hour, more if possible.

The registered participants will meet with an advocate (attorney or paralegal) to make a plan for moving forward toward solutions.  
In order to be effective at the EVENT, you should also participate in the training on Nov 11.  1 more hour of CLE available.

This volunteer opportunity is available to attorneys and paralegals - so bring your whole office.

For more information, contact Nate Johnson (KLS- Wichita) or Marilyn Harp (