Kansas Legal Services Pro Bono (KPB) and Kansas Legal Services (KLS) would like to thank all those who have donated pictures of Kansas pro bono events over the years.

The pictures on the front page are, from left to right:

  • Members of the Kansas Bar Association posing for the My Ties Are At The Bar charity fundraiser benefiting Kansas Legal Services.
  • Kansas attorney Gene Balloun hugging Justice Melissa Taylor Standridge, a judge on the Kansas Court of Appeals, after his 1000th pro bono adoption case (photographed by David Eulitt of The Kansas City Star).
  • Kellie Hogan, the vice president of the Wichita Bar Association and an attorney at Kansas Legal Services in Wichita, assisting a participant in line for the Clean Slate Day event in Sedgwick county (photographed by Abigail Wilson of KMUW).

Featured pictures were all taken at Kansas pro bono events and clinics. To add an attribution to a photograph or send additional pictures for use on the site, please use the Contact Us tab and get in touch with your local Pro Bono Coordinator.

Icons courtesy of http://www.flaticon.com/authors/madebyoliver