From a Pro Bono attorney in Wichita:

I recently withdrew from representing Ms. L.  The original case was a PFA she filed in July, 2015.  It became very complicated when her ex filed a PFA and his new girlfriend filed another PFA. It required a hearing in front of Judge Beasley in October, 2015 and then a rehearing with another judge after Beasley left.

It was necessary to file a divorce case in August, 2015 which was later amended to a paternity action on March 14, 2016.  I was able to get her child back with her and establish child support.  Unfortunately transcripts were required and numerous stand up motions and hearing were required and her ex's attorney on the PFA and paternity made things very challenging.

Unfortunately her ex and his friends attempted to cause Ms. L numerous problems and they were able to get her evicted when her landlord decided to file eviction in November, 2015.  I entered this case and defended her against the unlawful eviction and was able to buy her enough time to find another place and get out with a reduced rent payment to settle the case.

Ms. L's case was very complicated and spilled into a convoluted mess through no fault of hers.  Her ex and his friends were very deceitful but in the end everything turned out well for Ms. L and her daughter.

My office estimates we put in somewhere around 245 hours.  The time required on this case made me very appreciative of how hard your attorneys at KLS work.