Kansas Legal Services Pro Bono (KPB) is a resource created and maintained by Kansas Legal Services. Kansas Legal Services (KLS) is a statewide non-profit corporation devoted to helping low income Kansans meet their basic needs through the provision of important legal and mediation services.

KLS created the KPB site to increase access to justice for Kansans by pairing legal professionals with persons not able to pay for legal services. KPB achieves this goal through the creation and promotion of pro bono opportunities in a way that is both convenient and easy-to-navigate for the busy law professional.



KPB offers many useful resources for individuals who choose to join the site. These resources include referencing specific cases and a library of documents crafted to help the pro bono volunteer in the field. The documents include manuals, court forms, pamphlets, and more.


Law professionals in Kansas can participate in the pro bono community through clinics, posted projects, or by volunteering to take on specific cases displayed on the site. Opportunities are regularly updated by Pro Bono Coordinators in the 11 statewide KLS field offices.

Please check back often for new and exciting ways to put your skills, experience and training to good use by helping your fellow Kansans.